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UI of VidChord shows a video image, settings to start/stop, trigger a random video, and choose the video folder.

VidChord is a software MIDI plugin I programmed with Max for Live which triggers videos to play based on MIDI chord changes. VidChord is useful in a live performance setting, allowing a musician to perform a musical piece with a live video feed which transitions video clips in sync with musical changes. Every time VidChord detects the beginning of a new musical chord, it triggers a random video clip to be played. Implementing VidChord required performance optimization by preemptively loading a buffer of videos into memory so each clip could be immediately triggered on the next detected chord. For optimal video viewing on an external screen or projector, VidChord spawns an extra desktop window to display the live video feed at full resolution.

During my last year of college, I used VidChord in a performance of Brian Bradley's Fólkvangr to commemorate my time spent with friends during my college experience. Over the four year period I'd collected 160 short video clips of my friends smiling, laughing, or feeling awkward while I filmed them. As I perform the song, I use VidChord to play this collection of videos in sync to the music, displayed on a projector for the audience and myself to watch. On the day of the performance many of my friends seen in the videos attended. It was a happy and nostalgic day, remembering time well spent. The performance was one of the most impactful and emotional piece of collaborative art I have experienced.

My MoveMIDI prototype was also featured in the performance.