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Mutation Mayhem

In 2018, for a semester-long group project in the Gaming Capstone class at Baylor University, our team of 7 created a 3D, split-screen multiplayer battle royale game called Mutation Mayhem. In the game, you play as an animal fighting against other animal players to be that last one standing. Your animal player must mutate and evolve to gain new powers and overcome environmental conditions.

Screen shot of our game. Shows a 4-player split screen with different low-poly animals in different environments.

Screenshot of Mutation Mayhem game being played by 4 players.

To create the game we used Unreal Engine, its Blueprints visual programming system, and C++. We also created game assets including 3D models, sound effects, music, and a logo design. My work primarily involved programming game logic in Blueprints and creating 3D materials. I also collaborated with Daniel Lujan, our team's primary sound designer and musician, to create sound effects for the animal sounds in the game. A couple songs I made were also included in the game.

After completing the game we gave a public presentation and playable demo at the university. It was great to have an opportunity where lots of people could play the game, give feedback, and have fun. We made the game freely available on the Steam game store. It was a pleasure getting to work with such a talented group of people.

Screen shot of our game. Shows a start screen menu with the animal characters.

Screenshot of the start-screen of Mutation Mayhem.