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2D Game Engine

A 2D game engine for creating platformer, side-scrolling games created by our Gaming Frameworks class team of 5 at university in 2017. In class, we were learnding about game engine software architechtures, and this 2D game engine was our final project applying what we learned. Created using C++ and JUCE. The majority of my work dealt with graphics rendering in OpenGL, implementing basic audio triggering, and implementing the multi-threaded system.


  • Drag-and-drop game editor with grid
  • Multi-threaded architechture: seperate graphics rendering and game logic threads
  • Basic enemy A.I.
  • 2D physics
  • Audio triggering
  • Image texture loading
  • Level system with transitions
Depicts our 2D game-editor UI. In the center, the game world is shown while the left side of the screen list objects and game controls and the right side of the screen depicts an inspector that allows you to change settings or assign behaviors.

UI of our 2D game engine depicting the game world in the center with editing controls on left and right.